NEWS: Wed. Jan 26, 2011

Jan 26th @ 8:16 am in News by Scott Staley

Mesa County Dept. of Human Services continues to realign. In a continuing effort to realign the Mesa County Dept. of Human Services, another supervisor was given the pink slip.  The Daily Sentinel has learned that County Human Resources Manager Sandy Perry has confirmed that Greg Meier, a child welfare supervisor who had been with the county since 1986 was let go on Friday.  In addition  to Meier, Treva Houck, and Mark  Neujahr were also let go earlier.  Garchar,the Dept. of Human Services Director, explained that this is all part of changes aimed at assisting families before case workers have to remove children from homes and at more quickly identifying and providing services to families…
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 7:10a by Jim Kapp)

Montrose airport reports 8 thousand more passengers this year compared to last. With the ski season in full swing this is Montrose airport’s busiest time of the year as many head to Telluride from the airport.  And according to KJCT , a record number of passengers headed to the airport last year which is giving many in the community hope for the future.  Comm. Gary Ellis is encouraged by the numbers and says the increase in airport traffic means a great deal economically.  Last year, 8,000 more passengers took off and landed at the airport compared to 2009.   One of the positive things about this increase is that more and more commercial jetliners are landing here.
Source: KJCT (Posted 7:11a by Jim Kapp)

Montrose County School District to help with children’s breakfast program. Although the state’s Joint Budget Committee turned down the Colorado Dept. of Education’s request for an additional $124 thousand for the needy children’s free breakfast program, kids in the Montrose County District will have until the end of the school year to enjoy their free breakfast.  The Daily Press reports that the Montrose County School District is stepping in to help about 1400 students with the breakfast program.  Statewide, funds are expected to run out by March.   The Start Smart Program reimburses districts for the difference between free and reduced-cost breakfasts.  Without that reimbursement the 30 cent difference has to be made up another way.
Source: Montrose Daily Press (Posted 7:14a by Jim Kapp)