NEWS: Tue. Feb 8, 2011

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Firefighter pinpoint the cause of that carbon monoxide poisoning in Gunnison. Firefighters have discovered that it was an  ice-cooling machine that was the likely source of the carbon monoxide that sickened more than 50 people at a youth hockey tournament in Gunnison over the weekend.  Gunnison’s fire marshal told KJCT that an unknown malfunction in the indoor ice rink’s ventilation system failed causing it to recirculate polluted air rather than pulling in fresh air from outside.  They’re still trying to determine why the system’s damper failed to open and have contacted the company that made it.  Gunnison fire marshall Dennis Spritzer said the city-owned rink didn’t have carbon monoxide detectors but the devices will be installed and integrated into the fire alarm system before it reopens.
Source: KJCT (Posted 5:02p by Jim Kapp)

Sam Walker, owner of dog kennel charged with cruelty. The Park County man who abused more than 100 dogs at his kennel in 2009 will spend time in jail.  9News reports that on Monday Sam Walker the man charged with animal cruelty will be given the maximum sentence.  He will spend 90 days in jail and serve two years probation and 48 hrs of community service.  Many eyewitnesses and law officials came forward in court and described what they saw…(audio :17)…audio courtesy of 9News.  In 2009, Walker failed to feed and care for more than 100 huskies at his kennel.
Source: 9News (Posted 5:03p by Jim Kapp)

Montrose School District in search of a new superintendent. The Montrose School District will need new leadership after Superintendent George Voorhis retires at the end of the school year, and the search is already underway for his replacement.  According to The Watch the deadline to file applications for the superintendent’s job was this past Friday.  Once all the applications are in they will then be sent to the Montrose School Board, which will eventually narrow the field down to three.  Two citizens committees are being formed to help the board in its final decision.
Source: The Watch (Posted 5:03p by Jim Kapp)

DA Hotsenpiller pledging better communication with the public. Newly appointed District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller is pledging improvements and greater communication with the public.  Hotsenpiller told  the Daily Press that the mission of his office is to protect public safety and that means prosecutors will have to educate victims as to how the judicial process works and the D.A.’s office needs to work with the courts to improve that judicial process.  Hotsenpiller would also like to see smaller cases take up less amount of time…
Source: Montrose Daily Press (Posted 5:05p by Jim Kapp)

Computer system down delays renewal of driver’s licenses in Mesa County. If you’re looking to renew your driver’s license in Mesa County you may have to wait.  The Daily Sentinel reports that the system that connects the county to the Colorado Dept. of Revenue is expected to be down until probably Wednesday.  Those who have licensed their vehicles in the county before can renew because the county already has their information.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 3:42p by Jim Kapp)