NEWS: Wed. Feb 16, 2011

Feb 16th @ 4:21 pm in News by Scott Staley

Coloroado Teachers Unions critize Hickenlooper’s budget proposal. Unions representing Colorado’s teachers are criticizing Gov. John Hickenlooper’s proposal to slash school funding by $375 million to help balance the state budget.  The Daily Sentinel explains that state lawmakers still haven’t decided if they want to go along with the proposed cuts but if they do it would mean a $260 million cut this school year.  Both the Colorado Education Assoc. and the state branch of the American Federation of Teachers fear that this would risk the future competitiveness of Colorado.  CEA, the state’s largest union, feels that increased revenue should be considered to solve the state’s budget issues rather than cutting necessary expenses….
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 5:20p by Jim Kapp)

Norwood Chamber offering  free trainings on the web and social media. The Norwood Chamber of Commerce is planning monthly meetings and is offering  free trainings in using the Web and social media to help local businesses and organizations develop an Internet presence.  According to The Norwood Post the Economic Recovery through Technology program allows the  chamber to offer free training on how to use and maintain web sites to promote local businesses or organizations.  The first training class will be held this Friday at noon, at Norwood Christian Church, 1115 Lincoln on the corner of Lincoln and Summit by the Fairground….
Source: Norwood Post (Posted 5:22p by Jim Kapp)

Grand Junction IRS office blocks handicapped man and his service dog. The Grand Junction IRS office blocked a handicapped man and his service dog from entering the building on 25 Road.  According to NBC 11 News John Wright tried twice yesterday to pick up tax forms from the IRS office with his service dog and was denied each time.  The American Disabilities Act does required businesses to allow easy access to handicapped customers and their dogs.  In response, The IRS says they would’ve allowed Wright and his dog  on his first visit. However, officials say he wouldn’t clearly divulge whether the dog was for medical use.  Wright ultimately was able to get in when police arrived.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:25p by Jim Kapp)

Edward Geavanni Cox makes Alford plea in son’s death. In Gunnison Court yesterday Edward Geavanni Cox has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his baby son last year.  The Montrose Daily Press writes that the baby boy Christian Wentz died from a lethal blow that lacerated his liver.  Cox rendered an Alford Plea to the court and although that is not necessarily an admission of guilt the plea does acknowledge there are facts that could result in conviction.  Courts generally treat Alford pleas the same as guilty pleas….
Source: Montrose Daily Press (Posted 3:15p by Jim Kapp)