NEWS: Thur. Feb 17, 2011

Feb 17th @ 5:49 pm in News by Scott Staley

Ridgway Town Council tackles a variety of topics. Ridgway Town Council met on Wednesday night and The Watch reports that a variety of issues were discussed including;  the possible expansion of the Mount Sneffels Wilderness Area, the ongoing negotiations between town staff and the Colorado Department of Transportation on the three-laning of Highway 62 through town, and a new 10-year master plan for the Ouray County Fairgrounds, some of which (the race track, for example) sits on town property.  As for the CDOT project Town Manager Jen Coates and Town Engineer Joanne Fagan say that CDOT is planning on expanding the Hwy. 62 bridge over the Uncompahgre River in 2012, then in 2015 to widen the highway through town to include a center turn lane  from one end of Sherman Street to the other.
Source: The Watch (Posted 4:45p by Jim Kapp)

Lights may be dimming on Paonia streets. The board of trustees held a public hearing concerning street lighting in the city and the response was overwhelming.  According to the North Fork Times, many had suggested to hood the streets lights or lower the wattage or in some cases even remove some of the street lights.  The first option, a no cost option,  was to consider disconnecting the street lights but that brings up the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles.  Another option is to use LED’s and use timers.  That would cost the city $65 thousand which is not in the budget.  One other possibility is to lower the lights  but the streets committee noted in their testing of that option there was no marked improvement  nor does it lower costs.  At this point the committee has suggested to disconnect some lights and hood some others  which maybe the best compromise.  The hearing took place in a crowded town hall on Jan 25th
Source: North Fork Times (Posted 4:45p by Jim Kapp)

Fruita Health Club members and employees upset with city of Fruita. For the short time that it’s been open the Fruita Community Center is already stirring up some controversy.  Many say that the quick success of this facility has been at the expense of the privately run Fruita Health Club.  The Daily Sentinel reports that on Tues. night the City Council met with employees and supports of the privately-run Fruita Health Club where they accused the town of improperly competing with the private sector to the point that it could force the club to close.  They’ve asked the city to make some concessions at the Community Center to avoid the closure of the health club.  City leaders say they don’t want to see the Fruita Health Club fail. But they insist they have been honest and forthright since the beginning about the types of amenities the Community Center would contain.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 4:46p by Jim Kapp)