NEWS: Wed. Feb 23, 2011

Feb 23rd @ 6:42 pm in News by Scott Staley

Trial set for Aug. 26th for John Wool. A Montrose District Court judge on Tuesday scheduled an Aug. 26 trial for Delta resident John Wool, accused of shooting Patricia Johnson with a shotgun last November.  The Daily Sentinel notes that Wool entered a not guilty plea during his arraignment yesterday.  He claims he fired his gun in self defense after Johnson’s husband, Paul, attacked him with pepper spray.  According to the arrest affidavit, Paul Johnson told  investigators he was driving home with his wife and mother when his vehicle was forced off the road by Wool.  Wool denied those claims and said instead that he stopped to check on Johnson after seeing his truck parked along side the road.   Witnesses listened to the incident through an open mic on Wool’s CB and told investigators that Johnson had been taunting Wool throughout the incident.  Johnson is set to appear in court on March 9th to enter a plea to a charge of 2nd degree assault, and injury with a deadly weapon….
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 5:32p by Jim Kapp)

Defunding for local state parks could effect activities this summer. Last week Gov. Hickenlooper unveiled a severe state budget that not only means drastic cuts in education but also defunding operations at 2 local state parks, one of which is Paonia State Park.  The Delta County Independent reports that one main key concern is whether or not recreational activities will be allowed to continue if the parks are taken over by the Division of Wildlife.  Ed Keleher, manager of both Sweitzer Lake and Paonia State Park has not been able to get any answers from state officials.
Source: Delta County Independent (Posted 5:33p by Jim Kapp)

Colorado Division of Wildlife offices continues to receive reports of dogs chasing wildlife – especially deer – and wants to remind pet owners that it’s their responsibility to keep their pets under control. The Watch reports that in mid-January in the Ridgway area, two deer died after being chased by dogs. One deer was killed by the dogs; the other had to be euthanized. The dogs’ owner was ticketed and paid a fine of $276. The DOW explains that this is the time of year when deer are weak, gathered in small groups and are easy targets for dogs, and if they get chased it uses up their energy and they might not survive the winter….
Source: The Watch (Posted 5:35p by Jim Kapp)

Bicyclist runs into string of bad luck. A man riding his bike was hit by a car but that’s not only for the young man.  He was also cited for being under the influence of alcohol and drugs and not have reflectors on his bicycle.  NBC 11 News explains the incident happened around 6:30 Tues. night near the Intersection of 29 Road and Dawn Drive.  The bicyclist admitted to drinking and being high at the time of the crash.  The driver of the car also received a ticket for driving without a license.  Neither one suffered any major injuries…
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:37p by Jim Kapp)