SMPA Changes Energy Efficiency Rebates

Mar 3rd @ 1:00 pm in News by Scott Staley

Every year San Miguel Power offers cash incentives to members who upgrade to more efficient appliances, such as Energy Star refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. And, 2011 is no exception. In partnership with our wholesale power supplier, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, we’re providing rebates for following items.

Item Rebate
Ground Source Heat Pump $200
Water Heater* $100
Water Heater (Lifetime Warranty)* $275
Water Heater (Super de-heater)* $200
Refrigerator* $80
Freezer* $80
Washing Machine* $80
Dishwasher* $60
Premium Electric Motor* $10 – $14
*Rebate applies to replacement appliances only. Members are only eligible for a rebate if they replace an old inefficient appliance with a new efficient one. The old appliance must be disposed of properly.

The program will see some changes in 2011. The Board of Directors voted to change the program to apply to replacement appliances only. This means rebates are only available for members who remove an old inefficient appliance from the grid and replace it with a new efficient model. Why the change? Our goal is to get as many of the inefficient appliances off-line and recycled as possible. The board is also considering additional incentives for recycling the old appliances.

Members can apply for a rebate by contacting SMPA at (970) 626-5549 or (970) 864-7311 and asking for an Energy Efficiency Credit Application. The application can also be downloaded at It must be returned with proof of purchase.

All SMPA members are eligible to participate in our rebate programs, however, the rebates apply to permanent and full-size installations only. The Energy Efficiency Credit Application must be submitted to SMPA within 180 days of installation. Appliances must be Energy Star rated to be eligible for a rebate.

For more information click visit their energy efficiency rebates webpage.