Delta County Forced to Make More School Budget Cuts

Mar 11th @ 8:57 am in News by Scott Staley

Facing $2.3 million in cuts, Delta County School District  says consolidating or even closing a school in Crawford is a very real possibility. Stephanie Neff, the parent of a Crawford School student told NBC 11 News that  the kids love their school and the community supports it 100 per-cent.  Parents are also puzzled by the fact that the school has performed exceedingly well on CSAP tests as seen by multiple plaques in the school’s hallways.  State budgets have forced them to reduce spending by 5 per-cent this year and are looking at slashing another five per-cent next school year.  The district is considering other options including cutting teaching positions, offering early retirement incentives to current staff, and charging transportation fees .  They’ve also not ruled out the possibility of completely closing the school and bussing the students to Hotchkiss.
Source: NBC 11 News