Charge Against Maria Espinosa-Zavala Dropped

Apr 1st @ 4:18 pm in News by Scott Staley

MONTROSE  -  A woman originally charged with first-degree murder after a baby died in her care in Montrose gets the charges dropped.  According to Newschannel 5 the district attorney in charge of the case dismissed the charges against 32 yr old Maria Espinosa-Zavala.  It was decided that the fatal trauma inflicted on the baby could have happened hours or even days before he came to the babysitter’s care.  Based on that statement the D.A.’s office decided to drop the charges.  She was originally charged with the murder of 4 month old Angel Nieto who back in October was taken to Montrose Memorial Hospital and died a few days later.  The case, however is still ongoing.
Source: Newschannel 5/ Montrose Daily Press