Main In Motion Experiencing Price Hikes

May 12th @ 4:03 pm in News by Scott Staley

main in motion

MONTROSE  -  With the first-ever closing of Main Street on Thursdays for Main in Motion this past  summer, the weekly nonprofit event had its best year ever.  That may all soon change.  According to The Watch, the original idea for Main in Motion was to bring visitors and locals together and enjoy music, entertainment and food along the store fronts.  But like everything else prices are going up.  According to Bob Brown, Pres. Of  Downtown Development Assoc, last year the city charged $500 to close the street.  This year the ante is up to $5500 hundred.  The city says that even with this increase it still doesn’t cover all the costs.  And last Sept. the Montrose County Commissioners voted to increase license fees for food vendors up to $380.   Lacy Baines, director of children’s activities for this event, explains that these combined fee increases could mean the end of this weekly event.  She made her opinion know in a recent letter to the commissioners.
Source: The Watch