Ridgway Considering Weekly Recycling Pickups

Jun 16th @ 4:18 pm in News by Scott Staley


RIDGWAY  -  Ridgway Town Council is discussing whether to go to weekly recycling pickups or keep it at every other week.  According to The Watch, Jonathan Greespan of S.U.N.R.I.S.E. Inc. in Telluride had requested the weekly pickup with an added $2.75 per month per customer.  His company is also adding new materials to the list of recyclables.  Some of those recyclables, include more plastics, cardboards and glass other than glass bottles.  He also suggested that weekly pickup would actually cut down the number of trips his trucks would have to make, thus reducing his, and the town’s, carbon footprint.   However, Councilor Durnan feels that residents who produce fewer recyclables should not have to be charged extra…
Source:  The Watch