Judge Rules in Favor of Montrose Memorial Hospital

Jul 28th @ 4:53 pm in News by Scott Staley


MONTROSE  -  A 7th Judicial District judge ruled this afternoon that Montrose Memorial Hospital was within its rights to lease the hospital to a private nonprofit group last year.  The Daily Sentinel reports that Judge Herron’s ruling is a victory for the hospital over the Montrose County Commissioners.  They had filed a lawsuit arguing hospital trustees entered the lease illegally.  Herron verbally ruled from the bench and claimed that the county commissioners, who appointed the trustees, could not remove them for any reasons related to the hospital’s efforts to enter into a 50 year agreement with the newly created Montrose Memorial Hospital Inc.  The judge also pointed out that the commissioners did not have sufficient evidence to void the lease and that hospital trustees did not violate the state’s Open Meetings law….
Source: Daily Sentinel