Energy Fuels Runs Into Another Snag

Mar 14th @ 2:56 pm in News by Scott Staley

energy fuels

It appears Energy Fuels has run into another snag as it hopes to build its mill in the Paradox Valley.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has declared that the state did not give the public a chance to request a formal hearing on Energy Fuels’ radioactive materials license.  Sheep Mountain Alliance, who has opposed the building of a mill out in Paradox, says the NRC basically confirmed what they already knew, that the state’s review process was flawed.  Energy Fuels contends the letter has little bearing because the NRC delegated its authority over uranium mills to the state.  The state Dept. of Public Health and Environment says they have not received that March letter from the NRC which was directed to the complaining party Jeffrey C. Parsons.  Parsons is the attorney with the Western Mining Action Project, and represents Sheep Mountain Alliance…