San Miguel Planning Comm. Discussing Plans For AT&T Cell Tower

Jul 25th @ 5:17 pm in News by Scott Staley

cell tower

Next month the San Miguel Planning Commission is planning to hold a public meeting in Norwood to discuss plans for construction of an AT&T cell tower.  Generally there has been positive feedback on the idea so far.  According to the Norwood Post, letters of support came from the town’s Board of Trustees and San Miguel County Emergency Management.  The 195 ft tower proposed is expected to boost coverage for AT&T customers as well as increase emergency 911 coverage in the area.  The one point of concern is will the tower be too close to schools and day care centers as the tower emits radio frequency energy.  Currently the FCC says there are no federally developed standards for safe levels of exposure to rf energy but many agencies continue to monitor and investigate that issue.