Wildfires Pop Up Near Hotchkiss

Oct 5th @ 5:26 pm in News by Scott Staley

Although the wildfire is supposedly slowing down, you’d be hard press to believe that if you see the current fires cropping up on the western slope, one of the reasons forecasters have put up a red flag warning for our area.  Firefighters continue to battle a blazed just north of Rife that is now over 500 acres.  And now BLM  and other firefighters have their hands full fighting two fires in the Hotchkiss area.  The Oak Mesa Fire is burning just north of Hotchkiss with no property or people in danger as yet.    The other fire, The Chaining Fire, is on private land near Hotchkiss.  It’s a lot smaller, just a few acres and it too is posing no threat to people or property.  Forecaster will keep the red flag warning up because of continued windy and dry conditions.