Fake Road Block Nabs 3 Drug Suspects

Oct 8th @ 3:57 pm in News by Scott Staley

Recently the state police set up a bogus drug check point near the Colorado Utah state line and nabbed 3 suspects.  Generally federal and state courts have ruled that drug checkpoints are illegal because they violate the fourth amendment but they are lawful as long as they’re fake, which this one was.    Apparently the fake road block forced the three suspects to dump their stash on the side of the road before reaching the checkpoint.  The Daily Sentinel reports that authorities were watching them while they  were doing that and then when they approached the checkpoint stopped them.  One of the officers found a 5 lb bag of marijuana off the side of the road and then arrested them.   According  to the Mesa County Chief Deputy District Attorney’s office the procedure is legal as long as police have reasonable basis for the stop.