Body Found in Suburban Denver Park is Confirmed As That of Jessica Ridgeway

Oct 12th @ 5:39 pm in News by Scott Staley

Missing Schoolgirl

Westminster Police have confirmed that the body found in a suburban Denver park is that of the missing girl Jessica Ridgeway.  The body was recovered 7 miles from her home.  Jessica went missing last Friday, Oct. 5th when the school tried to contact her mother saying that she never arrived.  The mother missed the call because she works at night and slept during the day missing that phone call.  The focus is now on finding the killer.  FBI profiler says the suspect could have recently grown a beard or perhaps got new hair cut or made other significant changes in appearance.  Other clues might be out-of-character behavior.  At this point in the investigation Jessica’s parents are on considered suspects.  The only solid clue police have is still that backpack and water bottle found a few miles from her home.  Police have not discussed what they found in the bag or the test results involving it.