Montrose and City Rec Approve IGA For Shared Services

Nov 7th @ 8:00 am in News by Scott Staley

The Montrose Recreation District (MRD) Board of Directors has unanimously approved an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) for shared services that will result in a sizeable savings of taxpayer dollars.  Under the agreement, the City ofMontrosewill provide maintenance of outdoor field, turf, and ancillary facilities, as well as finance, information/technology and legal services, in exchange for reimbursement.


As a special district, MRD does not have access to expertise and resources that would be available if it were a department within the city.  Implementing shared services through the IGA bridges this gap by having existing city functions support the services MRD provides.  Cost savings for both organizations will result from economies of scale and scope and more efficient utilization of personnel and equipment.  As a consequence of implementing shared services, MRD has re-organized staff.  Four positions were eliminated, two in maintenance, one in finance and one in administration and three individuals were laid off with severance.


The agreement arose from a mutual interest in exploring new methods of improving operational efficiency through cooperative efforts with other local government organizations.   “Both of our agencies have the same mission of promoting the quality of life in our community,” said John Pope, MRD Board Member.  “Now MRD will continue to provide the same services and benefits to our community with less expense to the taxpayer”.


If final approval of the IGA is granted by the Montrose City Council, shared services will include the following:

Finance – The city will support MRD with budget preparation, report generation and auditing services.  The city will also provide accounts payable and payroll functions and maintain the MRD’s general ledger.

Legal – The City Attorney’s office may provide general legal services to MRD.  MRD will continue to contract with general counsel on an as-needed basis.

Maintenance of MRD-Owned Field, Turf and Ancillary Facilities – The city Parks Department will assume maintenance of all MRD outdoor fields including Ute, McNeil, Holly and Cerise (still owned by the City) and all buildings at these sites.  MRD will continue to provideAquaticCenter maintenance and complete maintenance duties relating directly to program preparation.

Information and Technology – The city will provide technical support and labor to maintain and improve MRD’s computer, website and telephone systems.