Montrose City Attorney Announces Retirement Plans

Nov 8th @ 12:09 pm in News by Scott Staley

City Attorney Russ Duree has decided to retire after nine years of service with the City of Montrose to spend time with his family.  He has agreed to extend his employment with the city to allow time to recruit his replacement and provide a smooth transition of duties once the new attorney is hired.  An intensive, nationwide recruitment process will begin this month.  Mr. Duree brought an impressive range of legal experience, both public and private, to his post and has successfully shepherded the city through a host of complex legal issues.   “The City Attorney plays a crucial role in local government,” said Mayor Thomas Smits.  “Nine plus years in such a role is to be commended.  I wish him and his wife, Teresa, all the best.”  Under the city’s Charter, the city attorney serves at the pleasure of the City Council to “advise the Council and City Officials in matters relating to their official powers and duties, and perform such other duties as Council may prescribe by ordinance or resolution.”