Both Sides Express Their Views on Uranium Mill Proposal

Nov 13th @ 4:26 pm in News by Scott Staley

Passions ran high yesterday as dozens of residents in the West End  converged in Nucla to express their views on whether or not a uranium mill should be built in the Paradox Valley.  And division lines were clearly drawn.  One resident echo the sentiments of the environmentalists saying that waste from the uranium mill would contaminate the land and word would soon get around turning resort communities to ghost towns.  On the other side of the fence a Naturita resident is in favor of the mill explaining many entities would benefit since their would be an influx of people and the economy would become healthier.  This is the first of a number of hearings  that decision makers will have to sit through to determine what’s best for the area.  The ultimate decision will be in the hands of the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment and they have until April 2013 to make their decision.