Delta Dance Has Mom Hopping Mad

Nov 14th @ 8:21 am in News by Scott Staley

A Delta Middle School sons Mom is upset about something that happened at a school dance a few weeks ago.  Leona Dunn says her son saw another student selling drugs at a school dance, and after telling a teacher, the teacher told her child to go get some drugs and bring them back to him.  The district says the teacher was just looking to dispel any rumors, something Dunn says is unacceptable.  Dunn said her son saw a classmate passing out pills and immediately told a teacher.  Dunn says the teacher put her son in harm’s way by asking him to confront what he thought was a drug dealer.  That was on October 25 and since that night, the other student has been bullying her son.  Delta school district says the teacher was just doing his job, and although they talked to him, the district doesn’t think he’s a danger to students.  They are following protocol with this investigation, and that student has been suspended.  According to the school district, the student was handing out some sort of vitamins at the dance.  KKCO has more details at