Proj 7 Water Authority Expects Harder Than Normal Water This Winter

Nov 16th @ 5:04 pm in News by Scott Staley

If you’re one of the many customers who gets its water supply from Project 7 Water Authority you could expect a change in the quality of your water this winter.  The Daily Press reports that according to Project 7 manager Adam Turner water hardness will double from the usual winter levels primarily because of the construction of the South Canal hydroelectric power stations.  Turner says this is a temporary inconvenience due to the fact that is unable to occasionally flush out the hard water that seeps into the tunnel.  Turner did emphasize that the water is still safe to drink and the only noticeable difference is in some of the spotted glasses and silverware you’ll find when you wash your dishes.  Hardness levels should return to normal in the Spring when the Gunnison tunnel opens to summer flows.