Nov 20th @ 8:57 am in News by Scott Staley

The Board of Montrose County Commissioners voted to approve the release of final payment to Ridgway Valley Enterprises, Inc. for construction of the Montrose County Justice Center Annex Building in today’s board meeting.  In support of the County’s Strategic Plan priority #3 to provide for the public safety and priority #4 to be an effective and responsive government, Montrose County broke ground on the Justice Center Annex building in January of this year.  In July, the second story was completed and the District Attorney’s Office and the Child Support Office moved into the building.  In August the first floor of the Annex was completed and the Coroner’s Office moved in.

“The Commissioners approved a budget not-to-exceed $3,000,000 for construction of this project.  The costs are estimated to come in at approximately $60,000 under the original budget.  The cost savings are due to a tremendous joint effort of several divisions within the County teaming up to do work that did not have to be contracted out.  An example of this was an additional parking area required by the City, being done jointly by the County’s Road and Bridge crew, the jail’s work release inmates and the County’s Facilities staff,” said Montrose County Facilities Director, Ken Norris.

The County plans to approach future projects in the same manner as the Annex to minimize costs and continue to be fiscally responsible.