Yager Found Guilty 2nd Degree Murder

Nov 21st @ 8:16 am in News by Scott Staley

Nathan Yager was found Guilty of murdering his wife Melinda Tackett Yager yesterday in Delta.  Yager was claiming insanity in the January 2011 murder case that started 3 weeks ago.  Then last Friday the standards for that defense were not met, so the jury was told not to make any findings for insanity.  Yager’s attorneys then changed their plea to heat of passion, which would have reduced the charge from a 2nd to 3rd class felony.  It didn’t matter as it took less than 2 hours to find Yager guilty of 2nd degree murder.  The DA said afterwards that “justice was done today, he’s claimed he’s not accountable to the law.  He’s never accepted responsibility for this.”  Sentencing is February 15th and Yager could get up to 48 years in prison.  For a complete back-story, visit www.montrosepress.com.