Sheriff’s Office Adds Humvee To Fleet

Nov 27th @ 10:57 am in News by Scott Staley

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office has added a 1991 HMMWV (Military Humvee) to its special response team. It was acquired by the Montrose Sheriff’s Office in late May through the Federal government’s 1033 program. The 1033 program donates overstocked military vehicles to local law enforcement, fire departments and other local government agencies at no cost.

“This vehicle is very versatile and will allow us to access more terrain than our regular patrol vehicles do now. It will increase the safety of our Special Response Team as well as allow all necessary equipment to be stored and accessed in one location,” said Undersheriff Adam Murdie.

The Montrose County Special Response Team along with the crew from Montrose Auto Body donated time and equipment to complete the transformation from military desert tan (before picture attached to this e-mail) to the markings of the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office.  The entire cost of this transformation was just over $1,000 in materials but more than 100 hours were donated over a two month period to complete the job. Volunteers sanded off the old military paint, removed all unnecessary items from the vehicle and then primed, painted and put it back together in a way that will serve Montrose County’s Special Response Team well.  The addition of this vehicle is in line with priority #3 of the County’s Strategic Plan to provide for the public’s safety.