Liquor Establishments Put Cops In Shops

Nov 29th @ 11:38 am in News, Public Service by Scott Staley

The Grand Junction Police Department and State Liquor Enforcement are teaming up with seven local liquor establishments to crack down on fake IDs. “Cops In Shops” is a voluntary program for liquor establishments to better train those selling alcohol and to help get fake IDs off the streets. There is no cost to the businesses to participate.

The participating businesses schedule times for liquor enforcement officers to be present in their stores and restaurants so that the officers can work with the employees who are checking the identifications of those buying alcohol. The officers teach the employees how to spot fake IDs, and if someone presents an ID that the employee is unsure if it’s valid or not, the officer can run it though a database to make that determination. If the ID is not valid, the officer can then confiscate it and take enforcement action against the person trying to use it.

Ultimately, this partnership helps protect our young people by getting fake IDs off the streets. We are grateful to the businesses who have volunteered to be part of this program. Those businesses include:
• Country Club Liquors
• College Liquors
• Old Chicago’s
• Loco Food Store at 1st and Grand Ave.
• Rockslide Brewery
• North Avenue Liquors
• Pete’s House of Spirits

Other businesses wanting to sign up for “Cops In Shops” can call 970-248-7133.