BB and Pellet Gun Dangers

Dec 5th @ 2:18 pm in News, Public Service by Scott Staley

The Montrose Police Department would like to take this opportunity to inform city residents about the dangers of using BB and Pellet Guns within the City of Montrose.
Many manufacturers of BB and Pellet guns have designed their guns to mimic the looks of real firearms currently found around the world.  Recently, officers have encountered several people who were in possession of realistic looking BB and Pellet guns. These encounters placed the residents in jeopardy of physical harm and criminal charges.

In certain situations, residents using these realistic looking BB and Pellet guns may be encountered by Law Enforcement officers or citizens with tragic results.
While the BB and Pellet Guns are legal to purchase and to posses, the guns can not be discharged or fired within the city limits of Montrose.  The Montrose Police Department is reminding parents of children and all residents that the use of BB and Pellet Guns should be supervised and conducted at appropriate ranges.

If you are contacted by the police while in possession of the BB or Pellet gun, please do what the officer asks and do not point the gun at the officer.  Anybody having questions in reference to current city ordinances governing the use of BB and Pellet guns can contact the Montrose Police Department at 970-252-5200.