County Considers Leasing Facility

Dec 11th @ 7:01 am in News by Scott Staley

As an ongoing effort to be fiscally responsible, Sheriff Rick Dunlap recently made the decision to close the work release building because it was not cost effective for the County to operate. Therefore, the 7th Judicial District Community Corrections Board (CCB) contracted service provider ICCS (Intervention Community Corrections Services) to lease the work release facility from the County and to provide all related services for a community corrections program in the district.

A lease agreement between the County and ICCS for use of the facility as a community corrections facility is scheduled for the BOCC’s consideration at the Commissioners’ December 17th Board meeting.

Community corrections is an alternative sentencing program for non-violent felony offenders closely supervised through a residential program. The offenders are required to obtain employment and participate in treatment as directed. Through employment, the offender must pay for a portion of the cost of the program (thus reducing cost to the taxpayer) as well as any child support, restitution and other court fees as ordered. In addition to treatment, community corrections has education components to help an offender through such programs as GED, job application, interviewing, and computer skills.

“We appreciate the cooperative efforts of the County and the Sheriff’s Office to open the facility in late Spring 2013,” said Stephanie Tolen, 7th Judicial District CCB Coordinator. “The building is an excellent fit for a community corrections facility, can house 80 individuals and only needs minor remodeling to create office space versus building a new facility that could cost as much as $4 million.”