Unsubstantiated Threats At GJ Mall and Bank

Dec 17th @ 2:50 pm in Local Events, News, Public Service by Scott Staley

The Grand Junction Police Department is investigating a phone call received in our 911 dispatch center this morning. The caller stated a friend was going to shoot people at the mall and at a bank. The caller then hung up without providing any more information.

Officers immediately converged on the mall, both inside and out, but after setting up a perimeter and searching the area, they did not find anything suspicious. We are continuing to watch the area, but we do not have any indication at this point that this was a legitimate threat. At no time was the mall on lockdown. We also contacted the banks near the mall, and several chose to put themselves in lockdown for a brief period of time, but all are operating as normal at this point.

We understand that the recent shooting in Connecticut has our community on a heightened sense of awareness. We are grateful to those who diligently look for suspicious behavior and report when they see or hear something they believe is a possible danger to our community. However, we also caution against spreading rumors or panic. This can actually do more harm than good, as it can tie up resources and make it more difficult for investigators to determine what is legitimate and what is not.

If anyone has information about the 911 call made this morning they can call the Grand Junction Police Department at 242-6707, call Crime Stoppers at 241-STOP, send the information via the web at www.241stop.com, or text CRIMES to 241STOP and include your tip information.