Music For your Lungs with Healing Harmonicas

Jan 2nd @ 10:02 am in Expo, Local Events, News, People, Public Service by Scott Staley

A new program with the harmonica is helping people with chronic problems breathe easier.  Mountain View Therapy at Montrose Memorial Hospital is hosting a Healing Harmonicas class for people with cardiac and respiratory problems.  Since the harmonica is the only musical instrument that requires you to both inhale and exhale as you play, playing the harmonica can help people improve their breathing.  The repeated pattern of pushing air from the lungs into the instrument, and then sucking air back into the lungs helps people learn to control and boost their breathing.

Come join us for fun and friendship while learning to play the harmonica.  The class is free and the harmonicas and instructional materials will be provided.The class meets on Thursdays from 3:45-4:45p.m. at the Mountain View Therapy Center for Wellness, 815 S. 4 th Street.  For more information, please call our volunteer instructor, Ann Furgurson at 252-1258