Help Prevent Frozen Water Lines

Jan 23rd @ 7:38 am in Local Events, News, Public Service by Scott Staley

Unusually cold temperatures are causing numerous frozen water lines throughout the city. Residents are strongly encouraged to be diligent about minimizing the possibility of freezing water lines by taking a few simple precautions.

In many cases problems can be avoided by simply allowing interior faucets to trickle. Maintaining water flow in the line helps prevent freezing. Pipes and equipment in exposed areas should be properly winterized or protected with insulation and/or heat tape.  Additional freeze prevention information is at

Water lines and boilers in unheated spaces, such as garages, are particularly susceptible to low temperatures. However, during periods of sustained low temperatures even buried water lines and meter pits are at risk. City crews have responded to numerous reports of frozen lines in areas that have not experienced problems in the past.

Very cold temperatures can also cause breaks in city utility lines. Residents can report frozen or broken water lines by calling the city’s main phone line at 240-1400. The after-hours message on this line provides an option for callers to be forwarded to an on-call number for utility emergencies.

Please note that city crews can only respond to problems with city lines and water meters. Frozen lines on the customer’s side of the meter must be corrected by the customer.