Updated Emergency Notification System in Montrose

Jan 24th @ 9:12 am in Local Events, News, People, Public Service, Test by Scott Staley

This story comes from KJCT 8 TV.  Click on the link below to see the video story.


Officials want to be up on the latest technology and hope by staying current community members will be able to access information right from their fingertips.
Safety officials in Montrose use the emergency notification system, a program that delivers recorded emergency messages to phones within affected areas.
Communication Services Sergeant, Paul Eller, says in the past, the city’s security system allowed the “reverse 911 program” to contact all land lines, but not cell phones.  Now, any emergency notification can be sent to all registered cell phones in the area as well.  Today, that new system will be put to the test.

“The company has made some changes over the year and what we would like to do is have the opportunity to test that system to make sure that the changes made benefit the community and that the system works as it should,” said Sergeant Eller.

The test takes place today, with about 500 people in the city receiving automated calls.  Residents don’t need to take any action.

The test allows the police department and the city of Montrose to evaluate the effectiveness of the emergency alert system.  If you’d like to receive the emergency notification today and for all emergencies in the future, all you have to do is register your cell phone online at montrose.com.