Sopsic Sends Update on Montrose ACT

Jan 25th @ 4:50 am in News, People, Public Service by Scott Staley

This is a letter sent out by Jenni Sopsic, Executive Director of Montrose ACT yesterday.

Dear Montrose ACT members,

In light of Monday’s events with Montrose ACT and the Montrose City Council I feel it necessary to reach out to our membership and share with you what I can.

As you know, Montrose ACT is funded three ways; membership dues and fundraising, tourism promotion funds (taxes), and retail enhancement funds (taxes).  Each year we have been in contract with the city of Montrose to manage those funds and oversee the programs and each year the city can choose to renew or not renew the contract.  This year city council voted to not renew the contract as they feel they can run a more comprehensive and accountable program.  Unfortunately there was not much room for discussion for us on the direction they chose to go in.

Although this drastically changes our program of work, Montrose ACT will continue to be your chamber of commerce, that will not change.  We commit to you to support your business, recommend you to others, and stay informed about current governmental affairs to advocate for the business community.  We will also seek connections to leverage opportunities and benefits to businesses, to increase your exposure, to network, and promote your business. The board of directors and staff of Montrose ACT will constantly seek new member benefits and ways to grow our program, help your business, and keep moving forward.  In addition, it is natural for a chamber of commerce to be involved in tourism and we will support the city in any way we can.

My promise to you is to keep you informed of what changes and additions we make with our strategic plan and program as we work through this.  As always, please contact me if you have any questions.

Blue Skies,

Jenni Sopsic

Executive Director

Montrose Association of Commerce & Tourism

P  970.249.5000

C  970.708.1182