Montrose PD Warns of Counterfeit Currency

Feb 4th @ 1:59 pm in Local Events, News, People, Public Service by Scott Staley

The Montrose Police Department would like to take this opportunity to inform citizens and businesses to watch for counterfeit currency being circulated in the City of Montrose.  The bills are usually in $20 and $100 denominations. The $20 bills use the following serial numbers; EG40548458B and IK61309766C. The $100 bill uses serial number HA61428570A. The bills can be counterfeited in any denomination and can use differing serial numbers.

The bills currently being passed are of very poor quality. Cashiers should be aware of the bills they are receiving.  Genuine U.S. currency will have watermarks of the president appropriate to that denomination, a metal strip located in the bill that will note the denomination, color changing ink on the front of the bill and small red or blue fibers in the paper.

If you receive a suspicious bill, please contact the Montrose Police Department at 252-5200 as soon as possible.