Colorado State Forest Service Offers Seedlings

Feb 7th @ 10:40 am in Local Events, News, People, Public Service by Scott Staley

CO State Forest Service

MONTROSE, Colo. – The Colorado State Forest Service Montrose District is now accepting orders for seedling trees and shrubs to be delivered in late April. More than 40 varieties of low-cost seedling trees and shrubs are grown at the CSFS Nursery in Fort Collins.

The CSFS seedling tree program is designed to encourage Colorado farmers, ranchers and rural landowners to plant seedling trees and shrubs for conservation purposes. Landowners who own one or more acres and are interested in conservation goals, such as creating windbreaks, improving wildlife habitat or reforesting properties impacted by insects, disease or wildfire, are eligible to purchase the CSFS seedlings.

“Because we sell smaller trees and shrubs and in bulk quantities, our seedlings cost as little as one dollar per tree,” said Jodi Rist, district forester for the CSFS Montrose District.

The seedlings range from $1 to $2.50 per tree and come in boxes of 30-50. Rist says interested landowners should place orders early, as species availability is limited.

Seedling trees have many uses and benefits, including wind/snow control, enhanced wildlife habitat, livestock protection, increased property values, energy conservation, reduced utility bills and less soil erosion.

“It can be a challenge to grow trees here in Colorado, particularly in our more difficult soil types, intense sun and amongst hungry wildlife,” Rist said. She says the CSFS offers methods to combat these challenges, including soil moisture enhancers, tree sun shades and wildlife-deterring tree guards.

To order seedlings or survival supplies or to obtain information about the conservation seedling program, contact the CSFS Montrose District at 970-249-9051.