FBLA District Leadership Conference

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Montrose, CO – The Future Business Leaders of America Chapters from Montrose and Olathe High Schools traveled to Grand Junction on Monday, February 4 for the District Leadership Conference.  Montrose had 24 chapter members and Olathe had 22 chapter members competing in the District Leadership Conference.  Each school had 11 students that qualified to compete at the State Leadership Conference to be held in Vail in April.  Results from each school are below.

MHS FBLA District Results 2013

District Champion – 1st Place

Bridget Bachmann – Client Services (State Qualifier)

Ellen Boddeker – Computer Applications (State Qualifier)

Conner Hotsenpiller & Jeff Ronzio – Management Decision Making (State Qualifiers)

Kara Reeder – Personal Finance (State Qualifier)

Rayla McShaner – Spreadsheet Applications (State Qualifier)

2nd Place

Zach Bieber – Economics (State Qualifier)

Conner Hotsenpiller – Business Calculations (State Qualifier)

Casey Jensen, Jacob Hebbel, Trent Woodland – Digital Video Production (State Qualifier)

3rd Place

Keenan Betz – Business Math (State Qualifier)

Megan Kindall & Tiffany Worthington – Banking & Financial Systems

Trent Woodland & Casey Jensen – Digital Design & Promotion

4th Place

Lynette Livingston, Megan Kindall, Jordan Chavez – Digital Design & Promotion

Ellen Boddeker & Ayrika Huff – Emerging Business Issues

Savanna Edgar – Computer Applications

5th Place

Keenan Betz – Public Speaking I

Luis Carranza – Business Calculations

Katie Walker – Personal Finance

OHS FBLA district results 2013

District Champion – 1st Place

Kendall Franks – Business Procedures (State Qualifier)

Haley Turley- Health Care Administration (State Qualifier)

Emily Mundy- Intro to Business Communications (State Qualifier)

Brook Cryer- Website Design (State Qualifier)

Fallon Flick- Impromptu Speaking (State Qualifier)

Kaitlin Nicolas- Public Speaking II (State Qualifier)

2nd Place

Sara Lovato – Accounting 2 (State Qualifier)

Katlyn Gibson- Personal Finance (State Qualifier)

tasha Gibson- Job Interview (State Qualifier)

Tiana Mergleman- Public Speaking II (State Qualifer)

3rd Place

Kayley Archuleta- Computer Applications

Jacob Solseth- Technology Concepts (State Qualifier)

Jacob Solseth, Bethany Hines, Kendall Franks- Business Ethics

Amanda Bollinger-Client Services

Josh Pietak- Job Interview

Haley Turley- Name Tag Design

4th Place

Kate Roth- Accounting 1

Theresa Tafoya – Business Math

Erica Godfrey- Business Procedures

Audrey Stansberry & Emily Mundy- Digital Video

Estrella Loya- Intro to Technology Concepts

Kate Roth- Word processing II

Audrey Stansberry-Public Speaking I  

5th Place

Amanda Kinterknecht & Emily Schneider – Desktop publications

Jordan Solseth – FBLA Principles and Procedures  

Picture 812 – District Leadership Conference – Students Who Placed in the Top 5

Front Row:  Keenan Betz, Savanna Edgar, Jacob Hebbel, Casey Jensen, Trent Woodland

2nd Row:  Ayrika Huff, Bridget Bachmann, Ellen Boddeker, Kara Reeder, Tiffany Worthington, Megan Kindall, Lynette Livingston

Back Row:  Luis Carranza, Jeff Ronzio, Conner Hotsenpiller, Zach Bieber

Picture 815 – District Leadership Conference – Students Who Qualified to the State Leadership Conference

Left to Right:  Keenan Betz, Bridget Bachmann, Zach Bieber, Ellen Boddeker, Jeff Ronzio, Kara Reeder, Conner Hotsenpiller, Casey Jensen, Jacob Hebbel, Trent Woodland