Dutch Turned Over To Montrose Animal Control & Owner Fined

Feb 14th @ 1:43 pm in Local Events, News, People, Public Service by Scott Staley

Dutch the dog

Dutch the service dog has been ordered to be turned over to the Montrose Animal Control unit by Judge Richard Brown and its still possible he could be put down.  In a court hearing that lasted about 90 minutes today, Judge Brown said he was not willing to take the risk of another attack on a person and still stands by his recommendation that Dutch be euthanized, although that decision will be made by animal control.

The owner of the dog, Jeremiah Aguilar was ordered to pay a $500 fine, $1000 in restitution, spend  20 days in jail, but only serve 2 and to not harass the victim in any way with postings on the internet.   Brown implied the internet interest in this case created a “lynch-mob mentality, that Dutch never was a service dog and that Aguilar having served in our military had no bearing on the case at all.  Brown also said he felt there was no remorse on Aguilar’s behalf for the victim who has suffered over $28-thousand dollars in medical bills so far with no insurance.  The defense will appeal the decision.

More details and photos will follow from William Woody with THE WATCH newspaper and from Katharhynn Heidelberg with The Montrose Daily Press.