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Mar 5th @ 7:28 am in News by Scott Staley

Trail Town Still

Harry Harpoon plays Trail Town Still on Friday March 8th from 9:30pm till. Harry is an icon of old time blues on the western slop and one of our favorite acts here at the Still. He plays a 1930s era National Dobro steel guitar, harmonica and sings like all get out. Close your eyes, taste the spirits being made right here, listen to the blues, and you would swear you were in a prohibition era speakeasy. www.myspace.com/harryharpoon

Donny Morales plays Trail Town Still on Friday March 15th from 9pm till for a Saint Patty’s party. Montrose based Donny (the self-styled “Harmonicoso’babosa”) can swing everything from blues to jam – from facoustic to new music played in steaming jazz style. Green cocktails and red hot jams for all.

Steve Felberg plays Trail Town Still on Friday March 22nd from 9:30pm till. Intricate loops and tight riffs mark Steve Felberg live performance. Perfect music to sip some spirits and visit with friends. www.reverbnation.com/stephenfelberg

Nat Walsh plays Trail Town Still on Friday March 29th from 9pm till. Ridgway local Nat Walsh plays a lively mix of Rock, Folk, and Jam favorites with fun and flair. A great night for you to enjoy a cocktail and hang out with friends.

Trail Town Still is located at 240 Palomino Trail in Ridgway. We make fine spirits from local ingredients. Trail Town Still: Drink in the Mountains.

**Happiness is a Warm Still**
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