Protecting the Watershed of the Colorado River Basin

Mar 7th @ 7:34 am in News by Scott Staley

Colorado River Basin

A perspective on protecting the watershed of the Colorado River Basin will be talked about by Southern Ute Elder, Kenny Frost in a press conference on Thursday, March 14 at 10 am. Deanna Jenné, program director for the upcoming April 20th Earth Day event called Water Comes First Convergence t at the Avalon Theater, will provide background for the upcoming event.

The Press Conference comes at a time when local, state and federal government officials along with scientists and water conservationists are gathered this week for the Water Conference at Colorado Mesa University organized by CMU Water Center.

The Water Comes First Convergence (WCFC) is a symposium that will be held Saturday, April 20th, 8 am-5:30 pm created by a local woman, Deanna Jenné of Mesa, CO, to bring about an awareness of the finite gift that water is in our world and ultimately to the watershed of the Colorado River Basin. This symposium is an educational program on alternatives to governmental policy that will increase a person’s awareness and relationship with water and why it is vital for our people to honor it and protect it.

Kenny Frost has worked with Indigenous water law for many years and is a spiritual leader of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. As a Sacred Ground Archaeologist he works as a consultant for burial sites and Ute ancestry. He is an expert on Indigenous water law having worked for the Southern Ute Tribe for many years in this area. Mr. Frost will open the Water Comes First Convergence with a Waterways Blessing Ceremony and will talk about the Sacredness of Water and its importance for our future.

“Water is finite, a non-renewable resource. Eighty percent of the planet is covered in water yet only 2-3 percent is potable. We are concerned about ways our society agrees to consume water which causes destruction of our watershed. This is particularly an issue in the Southwest with the ensuing drought, but is pervasive world-wide. It is up to each person to be aware of the preciousness of our life giving waters,” Deanna Jenné