House celebrates National Agriculture Day

Mar 19th @ 11:28 am in News by Scott Staley


With the passage of House Joint Resolution 1018 earlier this morning, the House of Representatives honored the hard work and many contributions of Colorado’s farmers and ranchers by recognizing March 19, 2013, as National Agriculture Day. Republican state Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg sponsored the measure.

“The life of a farmer and rancher is hard work, but it’s a life and a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade for anything,” said Sonnenberg, a fourth generation farmer and rancher from Sterling, Colo. “In times of drought and in times of plenty, agriculture has always been a leading economic engine in Colorado’s economy.”

Agriculture is the second largest industry in Colorado. It supports more than 173,000 jobs and contributes more than $41 billion to the state’s economy.

During the measure’s discussion on the floor, Sonnenberg also highlighted the diversity of Colorado’s agricultural industry.

“From high-mountain sheep and cattle grazing to the grape orchards and sweet corn on the Western Slope, or the cows and veggies on the Eastern Plains, Colorado is one of the nation’s most productive and diverse agricultural centers,” Sonnenberg added. “It’s important we celebrate the contributions of all the men, women and children on our farms and ranches who feed the nation and care for our land.”

House Joint Resolution not only celebrated today as National Agriculture Day, but the resolution also recognizes the week of March 17, 2013, through March 23, 2013, as National Agriculture Week.