No Barriers Recreation Week in June

Mar 19th @ 7:07 am in News by Scott Staley

Vets Kayaking

Non profits, church groups, organizations, veterans, business owners and community members…WELCOME HOME MONTROSE NEEDS YOU!

We are asking for your help to make Montrose a NO BARRIERS community from June 11-17.  During WHM No Barriers Week, 30 medically-retired service members will arrive in Montrose, to immerse themselves in the recreational opportunities that abound in the Montrose region and to help us learn more about how to better serve them in the future.

We are working on activities that include kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, hiking, golf and archery as well as photography, treasure hunting with metal detectors and even hot air ballooning and panning for gold.  These veterans will experience for themselves the diverse culture of the Uncompahgre Valley. Art, music, massage therapy and Tai Chi will also be offered, and each day will begin and conclude at the Warrior Resource Center at Park Avenue and Main Street.

Whether you can afford to donate or have time to volunteer, Welcome Home Montrose No Barriers Week is your chance to show our wounded veterans-and the world-what we have to offer here and to “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS”.

Here’s how you can be a part of the adventure:

SPONSORS-We need meal sponsors for at least six breakfasts and four lunches, as well as hosts for four afternoon snacks. Please help us to work with our local eateries-if your favorite local restaurant is taking part, consider sponsoring a meal through them.

We need financial donors to help us with the backpacks that Amy Harmsen of Canyon Gallery is putting together. These backpacks will include the necessities our wounded warriors will need for their week of adventure outdoors-items like rain gear, sunscreen etc.- and will cost about $125 apiece to prepare.

We are also seeking transportation sponsors-whether you have a bus or van, or whether you would prefer to donate toward the cost of hiring vehicles through All Points Transit, your help with transportation funding will help us move our guests safely from one activity to the next. We will need approximately seven vehicles per day, as we will be offering them a choice of destinations each morning.

Also needed are volunteers with CPR or EMS training.  If you are a teacher, massage therapist, guide or recreation enthusiast, we urge you to step forward to help assist us in making this a wonderful experience for these guests.  

In addition, we will be able to accommodate up ten disabled veterans who are already living here. If you are interested,  apply at the Warrior Resource Center.

“All veterans are urged to volunteer during WHM No Barriers Week,” said Welcome Home Montrose Founder Melanie Kline.  ”Our goal is to become a No Barriers community; this week will help us to assess our strengths,weaknesses and find any gaps in service as we move forward.”

Local business owner and outdoorsman Tim Kenney, himself a wounded veteran, is serving as project coordinator and will provide bunkhouse and tent space for the visiting vets. Kenney said he is  helping because it is the right thing to do.

“We are bringing wounded soldiers here to give them another chance to heal,” Kenney said.  ”As a community, we can get behind this to help these guys get their lives back.”