CWCB Launches Watering Restrictions Website

Mar 27th @ 6:58 am in News by Scott Staley


Searchable database gives specifics on local watering rules 

The Colorado Water Conservation Board today is launching a new website where residents across Colorado can quickly link to information about watering restrictions affecting their local community.

The new website,, will provide search features that allow visitors to quickly link to their water utility and learn of any local water restrictions that may be in place because of below-average precipitation and reservoir storage in many areas of Colorado. Many water providers, including Fort Collins, Denver Water, Aurora, Thornton and Colorado Springs, have already announced intent to implement outdoor watering restrictions taking effect as soon as April 1.

The site will serve as a landing page and enable users to search by zip code to determine their water provider and be directed to relevant web pages outlining what restrictions specific water providers may have in place. The site will also contain quick links to other important state and regional resources that provide updated water supply and drought-related data.

“During a drought everyone can do their part to reduce water use. Even small actions conserve water in our streams and reservoirs and help Colorado as a whole respond to abnormally dry conditions,” said John Stulp, the Governor’s water policy advisor. “This website will enable families to quickly determine exactly which restrictions apply to them, reducing confusion and making conservation easier.” was developed by the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and the Colorado Water Conservation Board in collaboration with water providers across the state. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Taryn Finnessey at 303-866-3441 x-3231 or at