Coram’s Education Measure Passes the House

Apr 2nd @ 12:45 pm in News by Scott Staley

Don Coram

Today, the House of Representatives passed state Rep. Don Coram’s bill to expand student access to on-line supplemental classes. Senate Bill 139 also strengthens professional development opportunities for educators teaching the supplemental coursework.

“A robust, dynamic education better prepares our students for their future professional success,” said Coram, a Republican lawmaker from Montrose. “Providing better training to our teachers and expanding access to a blended education, especially in rural areas of Colorado, will help our state become a national leader in education policies.”

Senate Bill 139 transfers responsibility for administering online blended education contracts to the Colorado Department of Education dedicated to on-line and blended learning. This transfer of authority enhances coordination between local education providers and the CDE while improving the department’s ability to track student success.

Coram’s bill also removes the $200 price limit on an on-line class, spurring more competition and support for quality supplemental programs across Colorado. An amendment to the bill would have further increased program competition by allowing private entities to offer supplemental coursework, instead of just nonprofit providers. That amendment, however, was defeated by Democrats on a party-line vote.

Senate Bill 139 now moves to the Governor’s desk, where it must be signed before becoming law.