Western Colorado Auto Dealers Contribute 15 Vehicles To Clear Air

Apr 18th @ 11:32 am in News by Scott Staley


Local dealers donate old, high-polluting vehicles to be recycled 

Western Colorado new auto dealers have contributed 15 vehicles to a nonprofit committed to getting old high-polluting cars off the streets.

The Clear the Air Foundation, which has crushed and recycled a total of 625 donated Colorado vehicles so far, was created by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association to recycle old or poorly maintained cars and trucks, which disproportionately contribute to air quality problems.

The foundation is highlighting its program on Earth Day (Monday, April 22) to illustrate how new automobile dealers can play a positive role on environmental issues.

The Clear the Air Foundation has a dual purpose: to remove old, high-polluting vehicles from the road and to fund auto industry scholarships here in Colorado. The aging vehicles are sold to Colorado auto recyclers who dismantle and shred them, with proceeds helping to underwrite these scholarships.

“The generosity of Colorado Spring/Pueblo’s new car dealers has made a significant impact on the work of the foundation,” said Tim Jackson, president of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association.

Contributing dealerships were John Roberts Motor Works, Hellman Motors, Turner Automotive, Morehart Murphy, Regional Auto Center, and Jim Fuoco Motors.

The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association also made a $1 million contribution to the foundation in order to provide a permanent endowment for scholarships for students entering automotive fields.

“When we remove an old, high-emitting vehicle from the road, we help reduce the pollution that dirties the air we breathe and clouds our mountain views,” said Lee Payne, chairman of the Clear the Air Foundation.

Colorado residents also can participate in taking these cars off the road by donating their aging vehicles. They can learn more by visiting ClearTheAirFoundation.org or calling 303-880-5139.

The Clear the Air Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formally launched in 2011 and is the first initiative of its kind in the nation.  Taxpayers who donate vehicles to the Clear the Air Foundation may qualify to receive the same tax benefits they would receive from any other car donation program, yet this one ensures the car will be recycled and will never pollute again.