Earth Day Celebrations at Local Elementary Schools

Apr 23rd @ 8:42 am in News by Scott Staley


In honor of Earth Day, Waste Management will be conducting recycling presentations at four elementary schools in Montrose County School District. Presentations last 40-45 minutes and include a short video, a box of recyclable trash, a box of things made from trash, and then Q&A.

Thursday 25 April

 Pomona Elementary-1045 S. Cascade, Montrose, CO

  • 9:45-10:30 Ms. Dooley-Blacker & Ms. Beutler (Location: Ms. Blacker’s room)
  • 10:30-11:15 Ms. Mc Grath & Nadiak (Location: Ms. Nadiak’s room)

Johnson Elementary-13820 6700 Road, Montrose, CO

  • 12:30-1:15 Mr. Steck & Ms Riley (Location:  Mr. Steck’s room)

    1:20-2:05 Ms. Ganskow & Ms Reyes (in Ms. Reyes’ room)

Friday, 26 April

Cottonwood Elementary -3500 Woodgate Road, Montrose, CO

  • 9:45-10:30   Mr. Beshoar & Ms. See (Location: Mr. Beshoar’s room)
  • 10:45-11:15 Ms. Kenny & Ms See (Location: Ms. Kenny’s room)

Northside Elementary -528 North Uncompahgre, Montrose, CO

  • 1:15- 2    Ms.Jeffra & Ms.Shank class (Location: Ms. Jeffra’s room)
  • 2:15-3    Ms. Cassidy & Ms. Shank (Location Ms. Cassidy’s room)