Naturita Supporting Johnathan Staats with Cancer

Apr 26th @ 7:16 am in News by Scott Staley

Johnathan Staats

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NATURITA, Colo. –  A small Western Slope town is rallying behind a young boy who at just ten years old has already been fighting cancer for half his life.As he tries to get healthy enough to receive a bone marrow transplant, support and awareness for his disease are spreading.  It’s been five years since Johnathan Staats was first diagnosed with leukemia.  He’s won the fight before, but just after he turned ten this past year the cancer returned.At a Denver hospital hundreds of miles from his Nucla home, Staats is putting up his best effort in a battle against childhood leukemia.

Naturita resident Nancy Domgaard says, “For being a depressed area its amazing how much money we fundraise for different people who are in need around here.”

His small community is making sure Johnathan knows they’re looking out for him and his family.

“He’s just this fun loving, sweet little boy,” Domgaard explained.  “You just can’t help but love him.”

Johnathan’s family started the Facebook page “Team Johnathan”, encouraging people to wear orange to raise awareness for kids like Johnathan that have been diagnosed with leukemia.

“They’re trying to get more people supporting him and letting him know that he is not alone in his fight,” Domgaard said.

Doylene Garvey, who is helping to fundraise for Johnathan, says, “He has more Facebook likes on“Team Johnathan” than both of our communities combined, Nucla and Naturita combined.”

Johnathan was only back in school for a couple months before he was diagnosed again with leukemia. Even though he is far away in Denver receiving treatment, his classmates in Naturita are showing their support.

“They just care about him. They’re asking all the time, how is Johnathan, is he getting better, will he be coming back,” Kelly Husky, Johnathan’s third grade teacher, explained.

Johnathan’s class writes him letters and sends videos to the hospital.

“They realize that students their age are fighting this horrible disease and that it could happen to anyone,” Husky said.

So along with much of Nucla-Naturita, his classmates are wearing orange for Johnathan.

“It warmed my heart and gave me goose bumps to see all the orange,” Garvey said.

Domgaard says, “When you’re in a small town you are each others resources and that is so true.”

The Nucla-Naturita area is hosting several fundraising efforts for Johnathan.

For more information, check out the “Team Johnathan” Facebook page