PATRIOT RALLY Saturday May 4 @ 10am

Apr 30th @ 9:55 am in News by Scott Staley



Patriot Rally at the Montrose County Court House 10 am Saturday, May 4

There are millions of Americans who are loyal patriots. They have worked their entire lives investing in an Amercia governed by the Constitution, guided by Christian values and built by the free enterprise system.  Now they see their country being transformed into a godless, socialist dictatorship, and they are frustrated with the constant attack on our liberties. This is where you get connected with other patriots to stand up and speak out in your community.  It’s time to take a stand for truth.

We are a grass roots organization of local citizens calling for Constitutional integrity in our Government.

We are American patriots who are loyal to the founding principles that built this country and made us free.

We have no membership roles, no dues, nothing to join but a crowd of supporters at the Rally.

We are counting on the fact that YOU are a loyal patriot as well.

  • It’s time.  Our Constitutional liberties are being undermined at every level of government.
  • It’s time to stand with local Sheriffs who are taking a stand for your constitutional rights.
  • It’s time to stand together with your neighbors to let our voice be heard.
  • It’s time to send a message to Denver and Washington DC.  We need all patriotic Americans to unite and speak as one.
  • It’s time to make your involvement in your government a priority.
  • Join us May 4 – we need a big response or we will not be heard.

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