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Apr 30th @ 8:17 am in News by Scott Staley

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CANNABIS CRAZE – Featuring beautiful custom artwork, the Colorado Cannabis Craze board game is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever felt “Rocky Mountain High.” (Courtesy image)

CANNABIS CRAZE – Featuring beautiful custom artwork, the Colorado Cannabis Craze board game is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever felt “Rocky Mountain High.” (Courtesy image)

New Board Game Features Eight Colorado Cities, Including Telluride and Montrose

WESTERN SAN JUANS – With Colorado only one of two states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the popularity of a unique board game, Colorado Cannabis Craze, is growing. And  those who play the game will find Telluride and Montrose are right in the center of it.

Following the passage of Colorado’s Amendment 64 last November, the number of marijuana-based businesses has increased. Colorado Cannabis Craze was created by Louisville, Colo.-based Hilljack Entertainment.

The game is designed for two to six adult players who travel to eight “Colorado Cannabis Cities” in search of six strains of marijuana to stock the dispensary back in Denver. Players can choose different highways, and opt to go through “turn towns” to avoid cops and other players.

Both Telluride and Montrose are one of the eight “Colorado Cannabis Cities” on the board, which also Lyons, Nederland, Greeley, Leadville, Dinosaur, and Aspen.

“Telluride and Montrose stick out in the pot industry quite a bit,” said Mike Ginwright, co-owner of Hilljack Entertainment, LLC. “With Telluride’s Bluegrass Festival and its Mushroom Festival, there is a lot going on down there, and we needed a city or two in that part of the state. The object of the game is to travel to all the cannabis cities. The first person [who tags] all eight cities and returns to Denver to sell his pot at a dispensary wins the game.”

But visiting all eight cannabis cities on the board is no walk in the park. Players risk being busted by the Colorado Highway Patrol, and must test their “juju” with “WTF?” encounters. They can also try their luck with a Cripple Creek Cashout, or dash back to the dispensary in Denver to sell their collected stash, in order to net millions of dollars while flying out of Denver International Airport.

The player to purchase cannabis from all eight cities, sell his stash in Denver and make it to DIA with $1,000,000 is the winner: the “Colorado Cannabis Czar.”

It’s a board game Ginwright and his partner, Robb Deeter, know people will want to play again and again. Besides creating a humorous game, Ginwright said the two also aimed to get friends and family together for face-to-face fun.

“One of the main reasons we created this game was to get people back to the original ‘social networking’ of getting friends around the table, interacting, laughing and having fun with each other instead of being attached to a cell phone or computer,” Ginwright said.

Ginwright and Deeter both grew up in Lyons, Colo. and their Hilljack Entertainment business has been in operation since 2011. When they were 18 and 19 years old, they had a great time playing the pot-dealing board game Dealer McDope over and over again. After medical marijuana was legalized, the two started tossing the idea around of launching a similar game.  Only this time, it would be based in Colorado.

“We said, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had this type of game based in Colorado?’” Ginwright said. “We designed it in 2010 and it went into production in 2011.”

Following the passage of Amendment 64 last November, the game has grown in popularity.

“We’ve definitely seen an uptick in sales since November. Amendment 64 certainly seems to have helped get people talking about cannabis and buying related merchandise,” Ginwright said.

The two recently completed marketing campaigns in Denver during last weekend’s 4/20 cannabis celebrations, attending Denver’s Civic Center festivities as well as the first High Times U.S. Cannabis Cup.

“There’s nothing out in the market like us,” Deeter said. “This is a gamers’ game, and we’ve had nothing except positive feedback about it. How many other games are out there that you can play six different ways, let alone based on the cannabis industry?”

Ginwright said they are working to Colorado Cannabis Cities into more shops on the Western Slope. For now, it may be purchased online at hilljackgames.com.


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