Delta PD Special Security Awareness

May 1st @ 11:07 am in News by Scott Staley

Delta Police

The Delta Police Department would like to remind citizens to secure their valuables, vehicles and homes.

Recently, the Delta Police Department has taken several reports of items being stolen out of vehicles which were left unlocked.  These cases are rarely solved and the stolen items are rarely recovered.

Avoid the loss:  remove your valuables, roll the windows up, and lock the doors. Do not leave high dollar items, wallets, purses, back packs, computers, or other items of portability in your vehicle.  These items are highly vulnerable to theft.  Make sure your vehicle is always secured, even when parked in your driveway.  Always secure your vehicle with the windows rolled up.  A locked vehicle does no good if the window is left open enough for someone to reach in.

In addition to securing your vehicles at all times also secure your home.  Do not leave doors and windows open or unlocked.  If your doors or windows do not lock have the locks replaced or repaired immediately.  Make sure your windows are secured and when possible double secure sliding windows and doors with a dowel or rod to prevent the opening part from sliding open.

Record the make, model, and serial numbers of all valuables and high dollar items and keep the list in a secured location.  If the items ever are lost or stolen the likelihood of recovery is greater if you can provide a make, model, and serial number to law enforcement.  This includes large items such as televisions, DVD players, and other electronics in addition to the small portable items like cell phones, portable music devices, laptop computers and notebooks, GPS devices, and more.

If your home or vehicle has been illegally entered stop immediately and call the Delta Dispatch Center at 970-874-2015.  The less you touch the more likely an officer is able to recover evidence which may lead to an arrest and / or recovery of your property.  Additionally, if your home has been opened the burglar may still be in your home.  If this is the case, do not enter your home!  Instead, remove yourself immediately, call 9-1-1, and attempt to stay on the line with the dispatcher until officers arrive.

The Delta Police Department is committed to preserving the quality of life in our community.  Public safety and security are a priority.  If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood please report it immediately.

Jamie Head

Public Information Officer

Evidence Custodian

Delta Police Department

970-874-7676 – Office

970-497-0116 – Cell