3rd Annual Dolphin House Owen Daniel Reak Golf Tournament June 8

May 3rd @ 11:08 am in News by Scott Staley

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The Dolphin House Child Advocacy Center in Montrose will hold its Third Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, June 8, 2013, at The Bridges Golf Club. This year’s tournament is being held in memory of Owen Daniel Reak, an 18-month-old child whose severe physical abuse resulted in death in 2012. Owen is the grandson of Eric and Beth Feely, general manager of The Bridges of Montrose.
Lew Thompson, owner of The Bridges of Montrose, wanted to host the Dolphin House tournament this year. Mr. Thompson states, “We were all saddened and affected by Owen’s untimely death and we want to help the Dolphin House Child Advocacy Center so they can help other abused children and possibly keep those children from additional harm and death.”
“Child abuse resulting in death is not unfamiliar in the 7th Judicial District and it is something we want to bring to the attention of our communities,” said Sue Montgomery, executive director of the Dolphin House Child Advocacy Center. “We have seen several serious cases of physical abuse of children in 2013, which is unusual because most of the children we see are victims of sexual assault.
“By focusing this tournament on one little boy whose life ended so tragically, we hope to help the community better understand that children we see at the Dolphin House are real children…children whose lives should be filled with laughter and fun as they explore the world they live in. Yet they are children whose worlds are filled with fear and hurt…and some of them, like Owen, do not survive,” Montgomery continued.
The annual Dolphin House Owen Daniel Reak Golf Tournament is one of the Child Advocacy Center’s major fundraisers each year. All proceeds go to provide services for child abuse victims. Services include victim support—both initial and ongoing—as well as coordinating the forensic interviews, medical exams, formal mental health assessments, referrals for therapy to trauma-trained, license therapists, and staying in touch with families to make sure they are receiving the help they need during the investigation and prosecution of cases and the healing/stabilization phase. The Dolphin House also makes referrals for other community services as needs arise in the victim families.

Services provided by the Dolphin House for child abuse victims and their non-offending family members cost about $325 per family. However, all services are provided without charge to the families or to the law enforcement and/or Child Protective Service agencies that use our facilities. Funding for the Dolphin House primarily comes from grants, events, Friends of the Dolphin House, and individual and/or business donations.
Teams may sign up to play in this Golf Tournament by picking up team sheets in Montrose at the Dolphin House, The Bridges Golf Club, Cobble Creek Golf Pro Shop, Alpine Bank, Howard Davidson’s Farmers Insurance Agency, Hot Water Productions and Montrose Bank. You can also call the Dolphin House at 970-240-8655 and we will be happy to mail a team form to you!
Businesses or individuals who would like to sponsor the Tournament can do so by picking up the form at one of the above locations, or by calling the Dolphin House and having a form mailed to you. The Dolphin House child abuse victim numbers have risen about 15 percent in 2013 and unfortunately we have lost substantial grant funding for victim services for 2013. Thus this Golf Tournament fundraising event is very important for our child abuse victim program. We hope to see at least 50 businesses and/or individuals sponsor this event!
“Anyone who sponsors this event is allowing the Dolphin House to continue to provide quality services for the victims who come through our door,” states John Fox, president of the Dolphin House Board and one of the founders of the annual golf tournament. “I hope our sponsor’s list grows so much we have to have at least three huge banners at the tournament just to list all of our sponsor’s names!”