Congressman Tipton: Flatter, Fairer, Simpler

May 6th @ 7:14 am in News by Scott Staley

Scott Tipton
Update from Congressman Scott Tipton

I recently traveled throughout the 3rd District to speak with local business leaders about how we can improve the economic climate and encourage the innovation, growth and entrepreneurship needed to create new jobs. Many of them told me that the top challenge small businesses face is a system of endless federal regulation combined with an unwieldy tax code.

The consensus among job creators in my district is that Washington must reform the tax system that is currently forcing struggling small businesses to devote their limited resources toward compliance with a bloated federal tax code.  These resources could be used to expand and create jobs. Instead, the government is standing in the way and making it difficult for businesses to keep their doors open, let alone create new jobs.

Families are facing a similar burden.  By Tax Day—just a few weeks ago—Americans spent 6 billion hours trying to decipher the 4-million-word tax code, and paid as much as $168 billion in compliance costs. This is before even paying the taxes they owe, which incidentally, will be $1000 more for the average family thanks to the President’s tax increase this year.

Through comprehensive reform we can create a system that works for taxpayers; a system that provides Americans with the opportunity to spend more time with their families and keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, as well as gives businesses the ability to devote their resources to creating jobs, instead of filling out endless paperwork.

I believe that our tax system can be flatter, fairer, and simpler. That is why I support comprehensive reform to simplify the tax code, so that Americans can spend more time with their families and keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, and businesses can devote their resources to creating jobs and opportunities.

I encourage you to take a look at Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp’s discussion draft legislation on tax reform, and let me know what you think. In addition to simplifying the tax code, Chairman Camp’s proposal aims to initiate comprehensive reform by closing loopholes to ensure that everyone pays a fair share, protect taxpayers by providing oversight over Wall Street, and create a tax system that makes American businesses more competitive globally and right here at home.

In addition to reforming the tax code, Washington must be a better steward of Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars.  That means cutting spending, and addressing the budget crisis.  I recently voted for the House budget which balances and creates as many as 1.7 million jobs over ten years, protects vital safety nets including Medicare and Social Security, and does not raise taxes on the American people. It achieves this by slowing the rate of government spending increases and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse, while encouraging responsible all-of-the-above energy development, and advancing commonsense projects like the Keystone pipeline.

By contrast, the President’s budget proposal never balances, raises taxes by more than $1 trillion, and increases the national debt to $24 trillion over ten years to grow the government on the backs of American families and future generations.

I believe that our country deserves better, and that we can do better.

I will continue to fight for commonsense in Washington, and work to ensure that your voice is heard so that we can put our nation back on the right track. Together we will strive to pass our children and grandchildren a free and prosperous nation that preserves the American dream our forefathers fought to create.


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